Main products:
Low voltage:

 Power center panels in fixed and withdraw able types with nominal current up to 6000 A, short circuit current capacity 100 KA and degree of protection up to IP54.
MCC panels in fixed and withdraw able models with nominal current up to 4000 A, short circuit current up to 80KA, and degree of protection up to IP54.
Control panels.
Protection panels.
Marshaling panels.
Capacitor banks.
Distribution panels.
Lighting panels.

Medium voltage

Distribution MV panels in fixed and withdraw able models with nominal current up to 4000 A and nominal     voltage up 24KV.

Cable tray and cable ladder
Hot dip galvanized cable tray and ladders with full range accessories.
Supporting department

This department consists of the administrative, financial, logistic, human resource, and purchase sections.

Sales and marketing deportment

This department is responsible for sales and marketing of the factory products.

R & D Department

This department with highly trained and experienced staff is responsible for development of new products according to market researches and customer requirements. It is also responsible for obtaining type test certificates for developed products from accredited international test laboratories.

Design and engineering department

This department with its highly trained and competent staff and advanced engineering software is responsible for electrical design of MV and LV panels in accordance with the client’s requirements and relevant standards.
The engineering department also prepares the required documentation for manufacturing, testing, quality controlling, and also documentation for clients.

Planning department

This department is responsible for planning different stages of the order or contracts including engineering, manufacturing, packing and delivery.

Metal working and mechanical assembly department

Based on the mechanical parts and structures designed by engineering department, a file together with the required information deliver to the metal work workshop, in this workshop, the parts are punched, bent and pressed, welded, surface treated and painted. The parts are then assembled in two assembly lines for MV and LV panels accordingly.

Electrical Assembly department

In this department the electrical parts and bus bars are assembled into cubicles, wired and cabled in two assembly line MV and LV, accordingly.

Quality and control department

Quality control, as an independent department, with competent staff who has the inspection of raw material, in process and final process and final product.
The data obtained during inspection activities are analyzed and used as one of the inputs for continuous improvement of product specifications.
Packing and ware house department
This department is responsible for storage and protection of raw material.
The products are packaged in accordance with the standard instructions or customer requirements, prior to delivery.